cropped-Succcess-Failure-sign.pngWhich direction are you going with your marketing? Why do some business’ survive and other’s do not? ….Is it their product or services?….this could get them by for a while with a hot product until competition comes in and changes the game….. however…. why do some business’ last for many years and others fizzle out…close their doors. Could it be the loss of focus on their customers….attracting customers…new and old….also keeping customers…this has to do with marketing. 

My Story

Rollie LaMarche
Rollie LaMarche

Hi, my name is Rollie LaMarche and I started in business in 1980, along with a friend, purchasing a small picture framing shop operating in a garage and moved it to my garage in Edmonton…it wasn’t long before we wanted to expand and grow and through research in the region in 1981 founded Picture This framing & gallery in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.
Through Picture This we have received outstanding success receiving numerous awards and accolades…Business persons of the year….Grand prize winner of one of the largest picture frame competitions in North America and numerous advertising awards.
It was not always easy….times were not  always great  we have gone through numerous recessions…starting the business in 1981 which was during a recession with interest rates for mortgages shooting up to 22%…  seen 100’s of business’ close their doors including many in our industry.
I remember one particular tough time in the early 90’s when we had three stores and were deeply in debt and had to use our credit cards to make payroll…2 credit cards were refused…the 3rd credit card was accepted….that was hard….we persevered…. more on story
This was also a turning point where I decided to do things differently.

Why have we survived

I believe it’s the choices we make and some of the most important choices we make are in our marketing. Some think that marketing is only advertising….well think again…. because this could be the reason why they are not in business anymore. Placing an ad and hoping for a good response only works when the correct ingredients are in place. Also, some people  think that opening a bricks and mortar store and just standing behind a counter will be enough….times have changed.

As a small business owner, it’s not easy to market your business as there are so many other things to take care of …especially if you have a bricks and mortar business: purchasing products, keeping inventory, manufacturing of products, payroll, sales, hiring, training, keeping your place clean, merchandising, display, accounts payable, accounts receivable, book keeping, suppliers, rent/landlord, repairs and maintenance, keeping up with new technology….on and on and on… and where does marketing fit in?

For many business owners marketing doesn’t fit in …they pay someone else to do it or place an ad…sometimes they get lucky…sometimes not ……many times the salesman from a web design company or newspaper brings the order back and it’s given to a junior layout person.

Marketing may be one of the most important aspects of any business….this is what attracts prospects and customers to your business making it grow. Someone once said that every business should be a marketing business focusing on marketing your main business. This makes sense to continually  bring in more prospects and customers.

Why should you listen to me
A  number of years ago I got fed up with throwing thousands of dollars away…wasting time with advertising companies, newspapers  or the latest “we’re going to make you rich” directories receiving dismal returns.

I discovered what successful business’ were doing….and guess what…. they are not doing what your average business is doing. They are doing things differently and that is why they are different and successful. Times have changed especially with new technology and if you aren’t grabbing on and finding tools to help make your business easier to run…then you’ll probably be out of business in a very short time or until the free rent runs out or the bank calls your loan.

How I can help

I can help with online and offline marketing…..we’ve  been doing offline marketing for over 30 years and online for over 18 years…we use this in our business and measure what works or not…..the rubber hits the road with us…we’re not just telling you…we’re using it in our business.

You can have a Marketing Coach to help you with your marketing decisions…we can show you how to do it ….or we can do it for you.

  1. Marketing Coaching sessions
  2. Do-it yourself marketing
  3. We do it for you marketing

To find out what will work for you I am offering a Complimentary 45 minute Discovery  session.


5 steps to receive the results you want with successful marketing

  1. Decide – what results you desire
  2. Steps – plan how to get there and prioritize
  3. Do – start action or delegate
  4. Measure – moving towards your goal or away
  5. Analyze – tweak if necessary


To contact us email info@successchoicemarketing.com