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Marketing Tips that work

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Rollie LaMarche

If a business is not growing it’s dying or going out of business…Basically it is important that more money is coming in than going out. There are only 3 ways to grow your business:

1. Bring in new customers
2. Have them come in more often
3. Sell more to existing customers

What do all three have in common?…All three have to do with marketing and all three with connecting and communicating with your customers which can lead to growth.

Is all marketing equal

Here is a simple marketing formula:     Market + Media + Message = Results

Market is the “Who” you are communicating with…your list, Media is “How” you are communicating…email, phone, postcard etc., Message is “What” you are saying in the communication to attract.

3-direction-signTIP:  getting these choices correct will give you successful results any one of these, not correct, will diminish your results.

Marketing Success formula works better as:
Right Market + Right Media + Right Message = Results desired

This is where you get to choose!…once you know how to work with this basic formula you can work it to receive the results you desire.

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